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Lou-Lou Possum Earrings


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Smyle Story

We are Kylie & Matt, Brisbane based designers with a shared passion for art and creative recycling. Together we have created Smyle Designs, a colourful, eco-friendly product range.
We all know plastic waste is one of the biggest challenges the world currently faces. 6.3 trillion kilograms of plastic has been created since 1950. And it’s all still here.  91% has never been recycled. Not even once.
So instead of making jewellery from new materials, we make our creations from recycled plastics.
Every piece of jewellery in our range starts with our original artwork.
We print onto vinyl records, CDs and 100% recycled acrylic, cut to size and assemble into earrings, brooches and pins….all just the two of us, in our happy little home studio in sunny Brisbane, Australia.
The result are ethically made earrings, brooches and pins that are cute and fun to wear…
..and they’re good for the planet!

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